Silver and Gold

by Windstar Soul

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Dona La Luna
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Dona La Luna YASS Tanya! LOve it. Got it since you mentioned it. STill listening to your music love, put it all up for the world!!! Big hugs.
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Silver and Gold is Windstar Soul’s first EP recorded and released in Detroit in 2016. Bringing you an old school, lighthearted vibe focused on strong rhythms and soulful vocals, these four tracks are certain to make you groove. All songs are 100% homegrown original tunes inspired by the irreplacable musical history of Detroit. The quotes are from Harriette Brown, an amazing chef and local Detroiter that has seen the city change throughout all of its years. “Detroit is… like the phoenix rising.” We are simply lucky to be here; the strong energy of the city is what brought us together and for that we are forever grateful.


released August 28, 2016

One Thought (Tanya Meftah)- Guitar; Lead and Backing Vocals; Synth; Rap
JEM (Jordan Mulka) - Keys; Lead and Backing Vocals; Rap
K Money (Keith Beber)- Drums; Percussion
T-Rav (Travis Albright)- Bass; Rap
Arrows (Mike Vechello) - Sax
Gerard Evans- Flute

Thanks to the whole Detroit crew that has made this dream possible:
Tony Nova, Global Cafe (Laz), Kevin Williams (mixing engineer) AJ Kessler (album art), Christen Minnick (film director -Republic of Light), Harriette Brown (quotes), Mike Clark, Trixie's Bar, Daisaku Ikeda



all rights reserved


Windstar Soul Detroit, Michigan

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Track Name: Silver N Gold
Hey baby I want you to know
that everything you touch is gold
but I'm silver... silver
you make me say...

(vocal scat)

hey baby i want you to know/
that everything you touch is gold
but i'm silver
you make me say...

(vocal scat)
Track Name: Lemon Balm and Honey
Sittin in your car physically inactive/
oh baby we should get physical/
feelin cool laid back, relaxed attractive/
oh baby dont you know this life gets dull/


Spice up your life for me/
spice up the night baby
like dill and rosemary/
like lemon balm and honey

This will persist this infinite distance/
even as gravity pulls us together/
feelings are delicate part of existence/
keep balance as you walk down this road


Baby, you driving me...
crazy... oh on the daily

Track Name: Grandma
i like your hair, i like your face/
i like the records at your space/
i like your eyes when you talk/
i like that sexy way you walk/

i like the fact, that, your grandma likes jazz/
ooo thats bad!/
i like the way you say/ wont, you/
come back my way, please baby!

you do, you do, what you gonna do/
when its through its through what you gonna do X2

i like you hands, i like your feet/
i like what you like to eat/
i like your hands on back/
i like when you touch me like that/

i like that fact, that, your grandma likes jazz/
ooo thats bad
i like the way you say/ won't you/
come back my way, please baby!



One Thought:

Two legs/ locked in/ parallelogram/
lust it knocked and/ now I can't stand/
waitin for times truth it will/ come quick/
fast enough to kill/
memory, faith, trust in the system/
bodily, taste, feels like i'm trippin/
and when thats it, you know that its it/
dont get too deep before you can't quit


I can't hold on/ but i really can't let go
the truth is we gotta feel each other flow/
cant stand in the way/ of what you gotta be
you're just movin' your body to the spirit of your feet
give of yourself/ give up yourself/
be where you find yourself/
stop putting yourself on the outside looking in/
always wondering what it is exactly that you're missing/
you get to be you/and i get to be me
all threads of the cosmic tapestry/ ya
Track Name: Marmalade Jam
I can't stand your marmalade jam/
i just want to take you hand in hand/
i can't stand your marmalade jam/
i just wanna take you hand in hand/
and left and right, right n left , and left

i just wanna bang on the drums all day/
i prefer to strum the guitar away/

and i cant stand your marmalade jam/
i cant stand your marmalade jam no no no

i cant stand your marmalade jam /
i just wanna take you hand in hand
and dance left n right n....


See i've been exercising /
my right to exercise/
free speech/
speech without speaking/
its called listening/
turning off the radio/
not afraid of saying no/
to medias mediocrities/
that their feedin me cause/
i can't stand your marmalade jam/
no no no no no no no/
i can't stand your marmalade jam/
turn turn turn turn off your radio